Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Once upon a time

... I shared a story on my regular blog :

There was a beautiful princess named

Oh,things seemed wonderful, but the life of a princess can be quite demanding

keeping up with the latest fashions,

having to learn the perfect ways to pose for your adoring fans ,

tending to your royal garden,

(soon we will have Japanese plums :) )

helping to deliver royal messages to your father, the king...

and trying to keep those pesky servants in line.

"Shouldn't you be washing my royal dishes ?!"

So ,the princess decided to run away.

She stripped off her dress, and went to school (a very progressive one, I'd gather)
with an odd turtle balloon fellow .

Where she made simple crafts, practiced her writing , snacked on popcorn and was served fruity pancakes for dinner!

However,Her loving mother, the queen, was distraught that her princess had disappeared ,
so she sent away for people to help her find the princess...
The Captain of a large pirate ship and his first mate came to the aid of the queen...
in search of a heavy reward mostly :




...but the pirate, being after all a pirate, was only after money, and when he feared the queen would not deliver enough reward for finding the princess the captain decided he would hold the princess for ransom if he found her.

What the captain didn't know was that fair princess Aurora was brave, and very clever.
She knew her Mommy missed her and had planned to return to her kingdom, but to fool the pirate she came in disguise, in a space ship...

As a 2 headed monster

and a super hero

but really, the true hero was Aurora

The cowardly captain disappeared when she returned, and Aurora battled the 1st mate to regain control of her kingdom, and to save the queen.

and there was much happiness, joy...

,and snow?,
once again in the kingdom...

Or, maybe it was all a dream?

THE END, it has been a long day.I should go to bed.

(- servant-teacher-chef-1st mate- queen -and mommy extraordinaire)

And , then I had an idea to combine another idea I had for Rory, with photoshop and blogging..
and then I started this blog.
Lets not talk about how long it took me to start posting on it.
Hopefully it will get better. I just thought this was the place to start :)