Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Dewdrop Fairy

She rides the moon like a cloud,

follows it like the tide,
tracing her nails over starlight,

prances in the misty morning dew,
still hung high from crescent moon,

pulls the mist like a cotton gown,
draped elegantly from her shoulders,

makes fruit smells to come alive in the dark,
and watches children inhale the lemon raspberry dreams,

takes flight before sunrise,
kissing flower buds to wake and bloom,

then vanishes with the moon.
to wait in all her splendor until another night.


  1. looks awesome, can't wait for some more posts from you

  2. very pretty love it!!!

  3. I completely adore this!!! Please please please send me the link to add to my website!!! I am sure this will be a huge success!!!

  4. Angela, I love this, its so cool! Put it in a book, I love you, Lynne/Mom

  5. Thanks soo much! I should really start thinking up more to post here

  6. So what are you waiting for? ;)